Greco Home Design provides high quality country, urban and coastal art to manufacturers and retailers for use on consumer products for the home.

H​ello! I'm Janet Greco, Creative Director of Greco Home Design. I'm a photographer who started making images in 1980, and have been stockpiling them ever since.

I'm an accomplished documentary photographer and commissioned artist. I finished my master's degree in photography and design in 2016, after a long career in the TV business. ​ I'm originally from New Jersey, but managed to end up​ living the beautiful Mediterranean lifestyle.  

It's been my dream to work with my archive of over 200,000 digital images and 20 as yet un-opened boxes of film negatives. 

My goal is to bring beautiful artwork and design into the home. I warmly invite you to take a look at the new collections and the stories behind the work.​

Greco Home Design

​I hope you will contact me personally. I look forward to that.

Warm regards,

Janet Greco